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Our company name CELL RE NU, encapsulates our mission to help restore and optimize health at the cellular level. We believe in the prinicple "less is more" and when combined with high quality nutrients, the therapeutic effect is compounded. CELL RE NU aims to deliver uncompromising value and the highest standards when formulating a product or adding one to our collection. Our nutrients have been clinicially proven for their efficacy at the cellular level, serving a very specific function. Our committment is to develop and deliver only high quality products that are 100% non toxic, and effective.


Because our products are small batch produced, "flow through agents" are not added, avoiding the clumping that occurs when massed produced. The nutrients contained in our formulas are from high quality sources to provide cellluar protection and support, hence CELL RE NU. Free of toxic tag alongs, pesticides, heavy metals, fumigants, and irradition. Our quality control standards exceed cGMP standards.

No Excipients

CELL RE NU products are made with 100% solvent-frree vegetable capusles with no glues, binders, or gelatin capsules with the risk of animal-source prions and toxic preservatives contained in their shells. CELL RE NU strives to deliver nutritional products that are free of excipients which are hard to digest, and have non-nutritive value. We have the belief that adding unneccessary excipients to a nutritional product not only defeats the purpose, but can potentially have questionable and detrimental health effects.

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